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Weight LossMEYGAM is a long established and has proven records in the field of PHYSIOTHERAPY & WEIGHT LOSS. We provide you consultation, examination, individual dietary plans and general life style advice and treatment programs for weight loss and physiotherapy by professional physiotherapists. All our services are given with personalized care. You will be able to visualize a change in your body shape within 1st 7 days of your session.

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  • We take into account of your weight, state of health, medical history, any existing disorders, relevant lab tests and food pattern.
  • The strategy of treatment is then chosen according to client’s state and need.
  • Exercises and counseling are given on one to one basis for healthy living along with a follow-up.

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Beauty & Anti Aging Therapies


Physiotherapy services includes, effective pain management therapy, treatment for neuromuscular conditions, musculoskeletal problems, child disorders and deformities, sports injuries and old age problems.



We provide a complete, safe and effective services for body slimming. It helps you to regain shape even after surgery and pregnancy safely.



Being a Doctor myself,I have always had issues with my weight gain since I was a child. It was a couple of years ago,I read about this technique in the paper.I thought I should give it a try and let me tell you,through-out all my sittings, I was able to visualize great change in tummy reduction.This has no side effects and a safe therapy to tone and reshape muscles. I strongly recommend this program.

Dr. Kannan