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Beauty Therapy

Beauty and anti-ageing is dedicated to young girls ,ladies and elderly women who wanted to maintain their youthfullness ever.this is a modern advancement of medical technology to lighten and brighten the skin, remove dark patches ,wrinkles and puffiness.Its the ultimate that u can do to your facial skin and muscles that gives you the identity. we always give you a trial session that costs Rs 799 for this therapy to see for urself how it works followed by packages. this is more advanced than a parlour! BRIDAL PACKAGES AVAILABLE.


Physiotherapy services includes, effective pain management therapy, treatment for neuromuscular conditions, musculoskeletal problems, child disorders and deformities, sports injuries and old age problems.



We provide a complete, safe and effective services for body slimming. It helps you to regain shape even after surgery and pregnancy safely.



I am into business .  I’ve a lot of overseas appointments and in my trips and work I’ve lots of parties to attend. I gain weight and my ugly tummy bothered me so much. I had thought so many times if I had a machine that could work on my tummy and make it flat. I read in the paper ad about this therapy. I wanted to give it a try. I saw a great change after few sittings. i’ve recommended my family members for the therapy. I recently got married. I brought my wife too for slimming. We are happy with the services here.

Mr. Praveen (Name changed as per request)