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Breast reduction for women

Many women suffer from over-sized breasts. They feel shy to face their colleagues. Now its easy to reduce the size of the size of the breasts and sagging is also treated. Absolute and perfect results are seen.

Breast Reduction & Firming

Also, heavy thighs, butts, hips are also treated and reshaping is done.

Diet modifications are also recommended. Weight loss is made easily, completely, safely and without side-effects.


Young girls and women suffer from oversized breasts and breast sagging. Heavy and sagging breasts are reduced and lifted by electrotherapy and amazing results can be seen after the treatment. There are no side effects. Women those who have increased breast size after delivery can also undergo this therapy safely. You will be able to visualize the change within 1st 7 days of the session. Hence forth there is no problem in wearing your favorite dresses.


Trial session starts @ rs 599 only to see for urself how it works followed by packages

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Physiotherapy services includes, effective pain management therapy, treatment for neuromuscular conditions, musculoskeletal problems, child disorders and deformities, sports injuries and old age problems.



We provide a complete, safe and effective services for body slimming. It helps you to regain shape even after surgery and pregnancy safely.



I personally had a very good experience with e-slimming. I came before marriage, and was able to see good results. 2yrs after my 1st delivery I've come again to regain my lost shape. I feel good to see myself into shape again. It’s a safe program and I’am happy with MEYGAM.

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